Member Directory

Members of the Nebraska Telecommunications Association (NTA) provide quality, affordable, and reliable communication services to all Nebraskans. From urban to rural areas the services our members provide grow our communities by investing in critical communications infrastructure that empowers Nebraskans to connect and compete on a global level. NTA members are committed to accelerate deployment of broadband across Nebraska. The NTA exists to serve its members in support of NTA’s principles.


NTA Telco Members

ATC Communications

524 Nebraska Avenue
P. O. Box 300

Arapahoe, NE 68922


607 Chief Street
P.O. Box 645
Benkelman, NE 69021

Consolidated Companies, Inc.

6900 Van Dorn, Suite 21
P.O. Box 6147
Lincoln, NE 68506

Cozad Telephone Company

122 E. 7th Street
Cozad, NE 69130

Dalton & Elsie Telephone Companies

P.O. Box 19048
Colorado City, CO 81019

Diller Telephone Co.

P.O. Box 218
Diller, NE 68342

Fastwyre Broadband

153 W. Dave Dugas Road
Sulphur, LA 70665
833-463-FAST (3287)

Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation

510 W. Gage St.
PO Box 97
Blue Hill, NE 68930

Great Plains Communications

P.O. Box 500
Blair, NE 68008

Hamilton Telecommunications

1001 12th Street
Aurora, NE 68818


P.O. Box 700
Gibbon, NE 68840


dba Hartington Telecommunications Co.
P.O. Box 157
103 W. Centre
Hartington, NE 68739

Hershey Cooperative Telephone Co.

P.O. Box 235
Hershey, NE 69143

K & M Telephone Co.

101 S. Victoria St.
P.O. Box 187
Chambers, NE 68725

Mainstay Communications

1000 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 487
Henderson, NE 68371

Mobius Communications

523 Niobrara Street
P.O. Box 246
Hemingford, NE 69348

Northeast Nebraska Telephone Co.

110 E. Elk Street
P.O. Box 66
Jackson, NE 68743

Pierce Telephone Co.

112 S. 5th Street
P.O. Box 113
Pierce, NE 68767

Plainview Telephone Co., Inc.

112 S. Main Street
Plainview, NE 68769

Stanton Telecom, Inc.

1004 Ivy
P.O. Box 716
Stanton, NE 68779

Three River Telco

225 N. 4th Street
P.O. Box 66

Lynch, NE 68746

WesTel Systems/Hooper Telephone Exchange

P.O. Box 330
Remsen, IA 51050

NTA Affiliate Members

ALLO Communications

330 S. 21st Street
Lincoln, NE 68510

ALLO Communications is a telecommunications company offering fiber telephone, long-distance, internet, and television to residents and businesses.

ALLO currently provides or is currently building infrastructure to provide communications services to 35 cities across Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona totaling nearly one million in population.

Allo has developed a world-class network to expand business opportunities, create jobs, and improve quality of life. ALLO takes great pride in providing residents and businesses with unmatched entertainment and communications options. It is our mission to create, connect, and serve Gigabit communities.

AT&T Services, Inc.

4157 109th Street
Urbandale, IA 50322

We help more than 100 million U.S. families, friends, and neighbors, plus nearly 2.5 million businesses, connect in meaningful ways every day. From the first phone call 140+ years ago to our 5G wireless and multi-Gig internet offerings today, we at AT&T innovate to improve lives. For more information about AT&T Inc. Please visit us at Investors can learn more at

OPTK Networks

3900 NW 12th Street, Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68521

OPTK Networks began by building a state-of-the-art fiber-based network in Nebraska and as our network has evolved and expanded, so have the areas we serve. We provide diverse, robust, and innovative technology solutions emphasizing provider-class Internet connectivity and multi-site architecture. The infrastructure and investment provide unequaled service to the business community, where high reliability and dependability are key.

Viaero Fiber Networks

17372 HWY 34
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

Viaero Fiber Networks empowers businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge optic technology, delivering fast, reliable;e, and secure connectivity solutions that drive innovations, productivity, and success in the digital age. With robust infrastructure spanning 3,500 miles of fiber across more than 100 cities, Viaero Fiber Networks stands forefront of providing essential connectivity solutions.

Over the past decade, Viaero Fiber Networks has been dedicated to bridging the digital divide and supporting the growth of local and national communities through a diverse range of product offerings. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations, fostering long-term partnerships, and contributing positivity to the communities we serve. Contact us at